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COVID-19 cases are back on the rise! Clinical trials could just be the answer!

Clinical trials are enrolling now for COVID-19 at Centex Studies, Inc.


Houston, TX – With cases of COVID-19 on the rise again, healthcare workers remain at high risk of potential virus infection. A local Houston research site aims to lower or even eliminate that risk.   


“We’re looking at an investigational vaccine that is showing promise in some patient populations,” says Dr. Joe Pouzar of Centex Studies in Houston. “Our team is currently evaluating whether or not this vaccine can help prevent our most high-risk population, which are healthcare workers, from being infected.”


COVID-19, or coronavirus, has killed over 115,000 people in the US and 408,000 worldwide. Physicians and researchers are working around the clock and pulling out all the stops in attempts of finding something that can slow or stop the spread of the deadly virus.


“We know that finding a preventative vaccine is imperative as we continue to see an influx in cases,” says Dr. Pouzar, “It’s important that we do our due diligence in the clinical trial process to be sure that what we give our patients is not only safe, but effective at preventing infection.”


Dr. Pouzar says that without properly testing a treatment, more harm than good could be done.


Centex Studies is one of the first research facilities evaluating treatment options for COVID-19, a process that can take upwards of a year or more.


“Our goal is clear; to save lives,” says Dr. Pouzar “We’ll continue in our fight and do our part to help those in our community and around the world.”


To learn more about this clinical trial, contact Aleida Espinoza at 281-282-0808.


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Centex Studies is a multi-specialty research organization with three locations across Texas and Louisiana. Research studies evaluating potential new options for several indications are enrolling now. There is no cost to participate and compensation for study-related time and travel may be available. To learn more, visit their website at


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